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DVD Special Features include:

"Return to Dwight & Nile"
The Documentary.

"Catch Our Smile" Remembering PSA" - a 20 minute short by the Director. 

"Names: Remembering"
A touching list of all the people who died on September 25, 1978.

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Produced, Directed, Edited and Written by David Fresina

David FresinaDavid Fresina is the author of a dozen unproduced screenplays and a few unpublished short stories and one unfinished novel.  He has produced, directed and wrote several short films and decided at age 40 that he had to make a movie before he left this planet.   David started his research for the film in December of 2007 and by October of 2009 he had a rough cut of the film that was shown at an intimate gathering of friends, relatives and curious strangers at the Clarion Hotel in Hull, MA.  With the help and support of his mentors David Bigelow, Brynmore Williams and Rick Bowman he worked feverishly to get the film ready for the San Diego premiere which was held in April of 2010 followed by an airing on KPBS in May. One of the amazing things to come out of this film is the “healing” that has taken place across San Diego.  So many people needed to talk about this tragedy and put closure to their pain and grief and they were finally able to do that as a result of this film and the efforts of one compassionate soul from Massachusetts.