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DVD Special Features include:

"Return to Dwight & Nile"
The Documentary.

"Catch Our Smile" Remembering PSA" - a 20 minute short by the Director. 

"Names: Remembering"
A touching list of all the people who died on September 25, 1978.

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Plaque located at North Park Public Library

I’ve received lots of inquiries about why there is no memorial at the crash site.  When the idea of a memorial at the site was first proposed thirty two years ago, it was decided by a community group that the event was too sad and too painful to remember.   The idea was dismissed and life went on in the neighborhoods of Dwight and Nile.

Thirty two years later, there seems to be more interest from family members and San Diegans who feel it is necessary to place some kind of memorial marker or plaque at the crash site (it’s one of the few if not only major plane crashes that does not have some kind of marker or plaque at the exact site to honor those who died).

There are obstacles:

The first would be convincing the residents of Dwight and Nile that having a dedicated spot for the memorial in their neighborhood would not create a circus like atmosphere of hoards of people and cars blocking their quiet streets.

Who would pay for it?  Land would have to be purchased, Engineers hired, a plaque or monument would have to be designed and commissioned and paid for.  It would have to be maintained for years and years.

The city would have to approve the location to ensure it does not violate zoning laws or create an unsafe area for pedestrians.

Where would it be placed?  The area is small and heavily populated and the streets are busy.  It would have to be placed in an area that would not disrupt traffic flow and be safe for people to gather around.

A committee would have to be formed to oversee the process and the project.

So, where do we start?  I think the first phase would be getting enough people to express their support and reasons why there should be something placed at the crash site (or perhaps reasons why they would oppose it).   What better way to do this then the internet.  I have started a Facebook page where people can join and express their feelings and ideas about it.  I will also save people’s emails if they wish to email me instead of posting on Facebook.

If we can get a thousand or more people to join the site, combined with any emails I receive, we can present that to City Hall and show them that this is an important event that needs to be memorialized.  If we time this right, we may be able to get something going in time for the next milestone anniversary in 2013 (35 years).

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